Plasmas Surfaces and Thin Films : Early Career Researchers Meeting

1 day meeting Loughborough University April 6 2016 10-30am - 16-00pm in room WPT001, the new west park teaching hub. The building is instantly recognisable being painted bright blue.

Supported also by the Vacuum group.

Simulation of a 55 atom gold cluster deposition on a graphite surface.

The Ion and Plasma Surface Interactions Group of the Institute of Physics would like to stimulate the concept of "Early Career Researchers Meetings". Previously the Plasmas Surfaces and Thin Films meeting has been held in London at IOP HQ. As per last year with the move to Kings Cross we are taking it on the road to Loughborough and focussing on talks and presentations by PhD students and Post docs. The meeting is organised by Sabrina Blackwell at TWI, Cambridge ( and Roger Smith ( To start off the meeting there will be a talk by Professor Mike Walls Head of CREST (Centre for Renewable Energy and Solar Technology) at Loughborough.

There is no charge to attend the meeting and a lunch will be provided. Registration is by email to If you wish to make a presentation at the meeting, please send a title and a short (half page) abstract by March 7 2016. Please state if you prefer an oral (max 20mins) or poster presentation. Preference will be given to PhD students and PDRA's for talks and for abstracts submitted before March 7. Poster contributions can be accepted up to April 1. Topics include :

Thin film deposition techniques

Plasma etching mechanisms

Laser ablation in semiconductors


Surface Growth

Vacuum Technology

The meeting is multi-disciplinary and we expect contributions from chemists, physicists, materials scientists, biologists, mathematicians, engineers and computer scientists.

The AGM of the IPSI group will also take place during the luncheon interval of the conference.


Registration is by sending an email to Roger Smith. We will provide a sandwich lunch so numbers are important to know in advance. Please register by April 1 2016.

A poster prize will be given at the meeting sponsored by the IPSI Group. The poster boards will take up to A0 size.


10-15 Coffee/Tea and Arrival

10-40 Professor Mike Walls Deposition Techniques for Thin Film Photovoltaics

11-15 Fabiana Lisco Loughborough “Surface Activation of Rigid and Flexible Substrates for Thin Film Photovoltaics using Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma”

11-35 Brice Delfour-Peyrethon Manchester Metropolitan “HiPIMS plasma diagnostic and low temperature deposition of photo-active Titania thin films in an industrial-scale rig”

11-55 Daniel Loch Sheffield Hallam “Plasma Analysis of Inductively Coupled Impulse Sputtering by Investigation of Cu, Ti and Ni species”

12-15 Ion and Plasma Surface Interactions Group AGM, poster session and lunch break

13-40 Hayley Brown Plasma Quest “From Eng. D. to Industry”

14-00 Arunprabhu Arunachalam Sugumaran Sheffield Hallam “Corrosion Properties of PVD Coatings Grown by Combined High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering /Direct Current Magnetron Sputtering and Arc Evaporation Techniques”

14-20 Jing Cheng Loughborough “Modelling of ZnO, contrasting pulsed and continuous deposition”

14-40 to 15-00 Tea break and announcement of poster prize winner

15-00 Mohammad Hassan Liverpool “Numerical study of active species fluxes to a dielectric surface from a helium atmospheric-pressure plasma jet”

15-20 Sibel Yilmaz Loughborough "High rate deposition of thin film CdTe using pulsed dc magnetron sputtering"

15-40 Francesco Bittau Loughborough "High Resistance Transparent (HRT) Layers for thin film CdTe Solar Cells by magnetron sputtering"

16-00 CLOSE


Alexander Wright Loughborough “Chemical fluorescent probes for the characterisation of atmospheric-pressure plasmas”

David Meehan York "Zinc Ablation for Plasma Enhanced Thin Film deposition”

Subhashi Jayathilake Loughborough “Towards the fabrication of novel and low cost transparent conducting oxides for electronic devices”

Nessima Kaabeche Manchester Metropolitan “Development Of Plasma Enhanched Chemical Vapour Deposition For Moisture Barrier On Polyethylene Terephthalate Substrates”

Chris Cox Loughborough “Deposition of Heusler alloy Thin Films using a novel PLD system”

Adam Lloyd Loughborough “Modelling Ag deposition on ZnO”

Ying Zhou Loughborough “Simulation of Titanium-Silver systems”

Mukul Bhatnagar Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar, India "Simulated thermal dynamics of Ag clusters grown on nanorippled SiO2"

Ben FitzPatrick Loughborough “Characterisation of Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma Jets with a Single Power Supply for Surface Treatment”

Bianca Maniscalco Loughborough “Atmospheric-pressure plasma jet as a tool for tuning glass substrates hydrophilicity/hydrophobicity surface properties”

Matteo Taglioli Loughborough “Transport Enhancement by Electro-Hydro-Dynamic Interactions in Atmospheric-pressure Surface Dielectric Barrier Discharges”

Thomas Britland IPO (patent office) "Patenting your research, have you considered it".

Getting to Loughborough

Car parking on campus is allowed. If you come by car take the west entrance and tell the gateperson that you are attending the meeting in the David Davies (W) building. Loughborough has also good train links to London. The station is about 3-4 km from the campus. There is a bus service every 10 minutes from the railway station which stops outside the W building on campus. (Kinch SPRINT) or goes along the Ashby road 2 minutes from the W building (Shepshed sprinter no. 4). Taxis are not recommended. Further information about the campus and a map can be found at this map site.