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Windscreen on the Future of Motoring information available here.

Investigating the transferability of the Workplace Parking Levy by Jonathan Burchell. PhD available here.

Real-time estimation of travel time using low frequency GPS data from moving sensors by Irum Sanaullah. PhD available here.

Investigating the impacts of policy on school travel by Jessica van Ristell. PhD available here.

Final TRAVEL PLAN PLUS results now available here.

Final results of EPSRC project 'Developing Research Tools for Demand Responsive Transport' (DRT for DRT) website available here


This is the Home Page of www.worldtransportpictures.com – a site which aims to present some new perspectives on transport through the research and teaching materials of Dr Marcus Enoch, a Senior Lecturer in Transport Studies at Loughborough University and from a library of transport images from around the world.

Accordingly, the site is designed to provide easily accessible information on my research outputs and academic materials. Where possible, links to both the university repository and to external sites are provided. Articles in the repository are free to download but may not be the final published version. Articles on the external sites are generally the published version, but are sometimes charged for.

My hope is that some of the material will be of use and/or interest to students, researchers and practitioners both in the transport sector and beyond.

In summary, there are currently six sections. The first two present a current and historic overview respectively of my career, while the remaining sections set out my research interests, teaching and administration activities, introduce my transport image library and provide a series of useful internet links.

This site is a work in progress. Please feel free to inform me of any glitches or to request further information.