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This list of sites is generated, and maintained, by students taking the module Introduction to Ergonomics (HUA105) which is organised by Dr. Peter Howarth of the Department of Human Sciences at Loughborough University, England.
Comments about each of the sites are those made by the student who found the site, or by another student who has visited it. None of these comments should be taken as necessarily reflecting the views of myself, the Department, or the University.
The sites listed in grey are an example of the kind of site found by students taking this module in 1998. However, the web is an ever changing medium. Previous years' students' sites may or may not be still available, but let us see what has been suggested to date
Peter Howarth 19/11/2001

Primary Sites

This site is from the Ergonomics society, and is connected to the Ergonomist magazine. It also has many links to other sites of interest / relevance.

Here is an international site of interest: the International Ergonomics Association This is a general site concerning many basic aspects and several links to other companies etc. This is an illustrated site concerning poorly design objects and could be useful for presentations.

Recently Added Sites Suggested by Staff Members

Some Cognitive Asects of Ergonomics - Lisa Bainbridge's site>

Upper Limb Disorders

This link is to a page which lists information collated by David McFarlane, following a request for information to an ergonomics email list, about the diagnosis and treatment of upper limb overuse syndromes

Sites suggested so far this academic year (2001-2)

Becky Cartwright These are mostly product sites so I'm not sure if they're useful for you.



Sites suggested in previous academic years

Remember - if any of these links don't work, let me know

I'm not sure if this counts, but it is a site from a company that designs ergonomics pens (or claims that it does). (a Canadian Dr B Cameron's home page)

Ergonomics at Work) This provides a list of websites based on ergonomics and disabilities-an interesting area. This is of relevance to ergonomics because it describes a wide range of topics covered in ergonomics. A helpful page offering an extensive list of handy links to ergonomics. Ergonomics issues related to a healthy work environment focusing on the human-computer inter-face, cumulative human disorders and repetitive stress injuries. Flight deck automation issues, ergonomics and human factor issues concerned with flight instrumentation.

1999 Websites

Ergonomics-related web pages found by students taking module 99HUA105: The University of Michigan Centre for Ergonomics. Although a commercial site, provides links to a variety of ergonomic studies (mostly American) which have been undertaken, as well as many independent information sites. The redesigned Ergonomics Society website. This site is concerned with the ergonomic standards used for VDU displays. An American site urging companies to improve their working environment in time for the millenium. Includes the ergonomics of workstation design and 'Ergonomics and Economics'. University of Texas site detailing ergonomics research. Commercial site dealing with RSI-relieving products and information. Australian ergonomics resource with a variety of information and links - sponsored by a consultancy. An IBM resource dedicated to healthy use of your computer, plus resources and links. Commercial site providing self-help and products in the area of office ergonomics. System Concepts provide clients with support and advice at different levels that ultimately lead to 'ergonomics self-reliance' - email newsletters available. (alternatively ) ICE Ergonomics provides research and consulting services to industry, commerce and goverment - a newsletter is also available. Commercial site with products on offer for human modelling, ergonomic job analysis packages and others, including links to other websites. UCLA Ergonomics - ergonomic information, including general workplace ergonomics, computer ergonomics and body mechanics. Videos and links available. Ford marketing page briefly describing a vibration research tool aimed at providing their cars with better ride comfort. (alternatively Commercial, though hard-sell-free, site covering a wide variety of office related ergonomics issues, dispelling conventional wisdom and replacing it with the latest research. The International Ergonomics Association site. The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of America website. Commercial site offering, amongst others, office design services via computer-aided design. Commercial site offering various training packages (including software) to reduce risk from repetitive motion/strain in the office environment. Michigan State University's Ergonomics Research Labs, which offer an insight to the seating and gait analysis work they undertake. Commercial website covering software usability solutions - includes usability quiz. Self-proclaimed Best Ergonomics and Human Factors meta site in the galaxy. What more can one say? Commercial site providing office planning and design products and services.


Year 2000 Websites


I have found a Website which provides software which claims to reduce/prevent RSI to wrists, etc when using a mouse. The website is:

Another website is:

This is a commercial site which looks like it could be aimed as much at the company's own staff as to their customers! It is the 3M company's Ergonomics Self-Help site. It presents Ergonomics as having a limited definition, but it looked quite interesting.


 I was surfing the internet trying to find an ergonomics related website that was not on your list. I came across:


Hello Peter

This may not be useful but I thought you might like a look at this ergonomics links page that I found when I was browsing the internet. I hope it is of some use:


On doing some research for my Communication and Study Skills essay I came across this web site:


I have been searching the internet for additional ergonomics websites and have found the following: This looks at ergonomics and occupational health, in particular, recent safety legislation and ergonomic risks.

Here is the web site which i have found-

I promise the module wasn't on the Learn Server yesterday, either that or I am going crazy. Anyway I hope you find my web site of interest:


I have found one or two ergonomics websites that could potentially be added to the links: - useful for ergonomics and design.


The Website address is The company is called OSMOND and they specialise in Ergomonic Office Solutions. (PAH: I'm sure this person doesn't mean Ergomonic!)


For part of the Introduction To Ergonomics coursework I'd like to recommend:

It has categorised links to many other ergonomic websites and I find it very useful.


I have found an ergonomics website that is not already on the learn server to fulfil the coursework component.

It is an ergonomic overview of the safety of workstations.


Here are a couple of interesting sites i have found on ergonomics:


I have found an interesting web-site which has not been mentioned in your list of sites to look at on the learn server for coursework. It was found on the NASA web-site. The address is:-


here are a few ideas:

This site concerns office safety.

This is the website of the International Ergonomics Association.

This site offers links to a number of ergonomic related sites.


Here i have suggested a couple of other sites based on Ergonomics


Therefore I forward this site:

Which I found interesting as it concerns VDU safety and operation.


I've found the following website for Coursework 2: